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Arcade related sites/pages:

---- direct link to the TTL replacement boards I use
---- direct link to the Pole Position FPGA project
---- direct link to the 02xx custom IC replacement project
- VAPS - Vintage Arcade Preservation Society
---- direct link to the list of arcade games I own/looking for
- Namco custom IC reference list
- List of decapped custom ICs

Arcade & Vintage computing shops:


Hardware & tools:

- TechTools Logic Analyzers
- Pico Technolgies Digital Oscilloscopes
- Conitec Datasystems Device Programmers
- DIGILENT Evaluation/Education Boards and Programmers

Software & tools:

- TARGET 3001 PCB design system

Electronics stores:


Other homebrew stuff:

- SUMP's logic analyzer

Anything else:

- If you like this good old 8bit computers like me, you may like the web radio around the C64... :-)
- Free DNS a great alternative other dynamic DNS providers !

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